It started with this:

Pick a fandom. Pick a character. Describe a moment from that character's life that shaped him[*], made him into the person he is now. Any fandom. Any character. 500 words -- on the nose, if you can (and you can).

[*] or her, natch

(Remember that these may be wee little things, but feedback is still golden. If you like something, drop the author a line.)

"Ad altari dei" by Bill Gawne (W.E.B. Griffin novels, Ken McCoy, 504 words)

"Another Funeral" by Michelle K. (CSI, Sara, 405 words)

"Apologetic" by Julian Lee (Sports Night, Dan, 500 words)

"Belief" by Sandy Keene (Britney Spears, Britney Jean, 500 words)

"Blind Spot" by Marguerite (Farscape, Chiana, 502 words)

"Blue Skies" by kel. (*nsync, Chris, 500 words)

"Born Lucky" by Luna (West Wing, Toby, 500 words)

"Bravely, My Diligence" by penelopody (The Tempest, Ariel, 500 words)

"The Button-Maker's Daughter" by Sabine (The Fantasticks, Luisa, 500 words)

"Charmed Memories" by soupytwist (Harry Potter, Neville, 500 words)

"Communion" by Priya Deonarain (West Wing, Jed, 501 words)

"Dance With Destiny" by Victoria P. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy, 506 words)

"December 1997" by Sabine (West Wing, Mandy, 500 words)

"Definition" by Marguerite (West Wing, Donna, 498 words)

"Devil's Instant" by Shadow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith, 500 words)

"Different" by Celtling (Babylon 5, Lyta, 500 words)

"Diving" by Maidenjedi (Harry Potter, Cho, 500 words)

"Dwarf of Many Journeys" by Adina (Lord of the Rings, Gimli, 433 words)

"Find Him" by kel. (*nsync, J.C., 500 words)

"Fire and Rain" by Jana (West Wing, Josh, 500 words)

"First Brick in the Wall" by Julian Lee (Smallville, Chloe, 500 words)

"First Day of School" by Luna (West Wing, C.J., 500 words)

"The First October" by Jae Gecko (West Wing, Matt Skinner, 500 words)

"Fishing Through Blue" by Another Juxtaposition (M*A*S*H, Hawkeye, 500 words)

"For Me" by Gail (JAG, Clayton Webb, 422 words)

"Frozen" by Sarah (Proof, Catherine, 531 words)

"The Girl Who Fell" by Sabine (Babylon 5, Delenn, 500 words)

"Girls Grow Quicker Than Books" by Kyra Cullinan (Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy, 502 words)

"Going Down" by Hope (Homicide, Frank, 316 words)

"Good" by Sabine (Babylon 5, Lyta, 500 words)

"Got Nothing" by Gail (JAG, Clark Palmer, 304 words)

"Guardian" by soupytwist (West Wing, Charlie, 500 words)

"Happiness" by Ria (West Wing, Donna, 500 words)

"Harper for State Senate" by ellen m. (West Wing, Ann Stark, 500 words)

"How Good Girls Get Laid" by Pares (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow, 510 words)

"How to Survive in L.A. Without Really Trying" by Tiffany Rawlins (*nsync, Lance, 476 words)

"I Can Hear Change" by International Princess (West Wing, Joey Lucas, 502 words)

"Imperium mei" by Sophia Jirafe (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Johnathan, 500 words)

"In the End" by Another Juxtaposition (West Wing, Sam, 503 words)

"In the Woods Alone" by Luna (West Wing, Will Bailey, 500 words)

"In the Garden" by cofax (Robin of Sherwood, Marian, 498 words)

"In the Zone" by Devon (X-Files, Krycek, 500 words)

"Indelible" by valentine (Smallville, Lex, 500 words)

"Invitation to the Light" by Aly (West Wing, Sam, 511 words)

"It's Possible She's Been Here Before" by International Princess (West Wing, Amy, 505 words)

"Knowing" by Jack (Batman, Dick Grayson, 500 words)

"Leave the Rest Behind" by kel. (*nsync, Lance, 500 words)

"Long Division" by not jenny (West Wing, Mallory, 500 words)

"Looking After Deena" by valentine (West Wing, Charlie, 500 words)

"Look Up" by Celtling (Babylon 5, Lennier, 501 words)

"Loss" by Elizabeth Collins (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cordelia, 500 words)

"Love and Magic" by Another Juxtaposition (Sex and the City, Miranda, 500 words)

"Lux Aeterna" by Sarah (Requiem for a Dream, Harry, 391 words)

"Magic Man" by Sarah (The Virgin Suicides, Lux Lisbon, 415 words)

"Mother Tongue" by Anna (Farscape, Sikozu, 500 words)

"Motorcade" by Priya Deonarain (West Wing, Ron Butterfield, 500 words)

"Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" by Sarah (Smallville, Lana Lang, 396 words)

"Muscle" by cmshaw (Due South, Ray Vecchio, 500 words)

"Nativity" by Victoria P. (Smallville, Clark, 532 words)

"Necessary Loss" by xSaBx (24, Jack Bauer, 500 words)

"Nectarine" by Priya Deonarain (CSI, Gil, 500 words)

"Never Again" by s.a. (Law and Order, Jack McCoy, 456 words)

"Never Let Them See You Cry" by Cosmic Entity (Strangers in Paradise, Katchoo, 500 words)

"November 10th, 1974" by Sarah (Contact, Eleanor Arroway, 653 words)

"Now" by melymbrosia (Minority Report, Agatha Lively, 500 words)

"On Top" by Zoorph (West Wing, Amy, 200 words)

"One Day in January" by Linda B (West Wing, Abbey Bartlet, 518 words)

"One in a Million" by Sandy Keene (Backstreet Boys, Nick, 500 words)

"Packing Boxes" by Cappucino Girl (West Wing, Amy, 497 words)

"Painkiller-Resistant Conversations" by White Star 2 (West Wing, Donna, 500 words)

"The Path" by Devon (West Wing, Leo, 502 words)

"Pink" by Anna (Gilmore Girls, Lorelai, 500 words)

"The Precise Height of Women" by Rivka W. (West Wing, C.J., 529 words)

"Pretty Enough" by by kel. (*nsync, Justin, 500 words)

"Punchline" by Jae Gecko (West Wing, Leo, 500 words)

"Regrets (Won't Bring Her Back)" by Jessica S. (CSI, Warrick, 506 words)

"Revelatory Silence" by Ryo Sen (West Wing, Ainsley, 500 words)

"A Self-Made Man" by Anonymous (Fawlty Towers, Basil, 491 words)

"A Serious Discussion" by N (West Wing, Joanie Lyman, 500 words)

"Should've Been" by Marguerite (Sports Night, Dan Rydell, 500 words)

"Shrill and High" by Jessica S. (CSI, Sara, 500 words)

"The Sixth Chamber" by Luna (West Wing, Leo, 500 words)

"Somebody's Hero" by Jae Gecko (West Wing, Sam, 500 words)

"Temperance" by International Princess (West Wing, Toby, 502 words)

"Time Approaches Infinity" by Sarah (Proof, Hal, 462 words)

"Timepiece" by Tobias Charity (Quantum Leap, Sam, 500 words)

"Trouble" by Jae Gecko (West Wing, Josh, 500 words)

"What It Means to Love Your Country" by Another Juxtaposition (West Wing, Nancy McNally, 500 words)

"Your Name in Lights" by kel. (*nsync, Joey, 500 words)