It all started with this:

Pick a mood from the livejournal list, and write a scene based around that mood from a particular character's point of view. Any fandom. Any character. 500 words. The rest of us get to try and guess the mood.

At the time the challenge was issued, the livejournal mood list consisted of the following descriptions:

accomplished aggravated amused angry (1) (2) annoyed anxious apathetic artistic awake bitchy blah blank bored (1) (2) bouncy busy calm cheerful chipper cold complacent confused contemplative content cool cranky crappy crazy creative crushed curious cynical depressed determined (1) (2) devious dirty disappointed discontent distressed ditzy dorky drained drunk ecstatic embarrassed energetic enraged enthralled envious exanimate excited exhausted flirty frustrated full geeky giddy giggly gloomy good grateful groggy grumpy guilty (1) (2) happy high hopeful horny hot hungry hyper impressed indescribable indifferent infuriated intimidated irate irritated jealous jubilant lazy lethargic listless lonely loved melancholy mellow mischievous moody morose naughty nauseated nerdy nervous nostalgic numb okay optimistic peaceful pensive pessimistic pissed off pleased predatory productive quixotic recumbent refreshed rejected rejuvenated relaxed relieved restless rushed sad satisfied scared shocked sick silly sleepy sore stressed surprised sympathetic thankful thirsty thoughtful tired touched uncomfortable weird working worried

This is what we ended up with:

"Arcadia" by Cara (West Wing, 524 words, melancholy)

"At Midnight, All the Agents" by Luna (West Wing, 500 words, determined)

"Batting Lefty" by Sarah (The Dreyfus Affair, 512 words, satisfied)

"The Best Sip" by Minna Leigh (ER, 492 words, giddy)

"Beyond Mongi" by Jae Gecko (The Talented Mr. Ripley, 494 words, happy)

"The Big Job" by Lysandra (West Wing, 500 words, envious)

"Blair Makes a List" by Dafna G. (The Sentinel, 500 words, stressed)

"Blinking" by Priya Deonarain (West Wing, 500 words, giggly)

"Bullet Points" by Another Juxtaposition (West Wing, 517 words, frustrated)

"Calling the Moon" by Luna (West Wing, 500 words, loved)

"Chemotherapy" by Ellen Milholland (Wuthering Heights, 500 words, exanimate)

"Connection" by Sarah (Drawing Blood, 508 words, hopeful)

"Dead Man Walking" by Luna (Murder One, 500 words, crushed)

"December Will Be Magic Again" by Luna (West Wing, 500 words, peaceful)

"degrees centigrade" by Ellen Milholland (X-Files, 500 words, cool)

"The Distance to the Stars" by Caz Q (The Lord of the Rings, 500 words, drained)

"Everywhere You Look" by Luna (Six Feet Under, 500 words, curious)

"Eyes and Ears" by k (West Wing, 248 words, angry)

"Fractured Fairy Tale" by Anna (Lord of the Rings, 464 words, complacent)

"In the Palm of Her Hand" by kel. (West Wing, 500 words, rejected)

"It's Really About Promises" by Ellen Milholland (Sports Night, 500 words, bored)

"Like a Diamond in the Sky" by penelopody (Farscape, 500 words, pensive)

"Lunar Sea" by Marguerite (West Wing, 500 words, anxious)

"Merry Christmas, Baby" by Luna (West Wing, 500 words, guilty)

"Mistakes We Knew We Were Making" by Anna (West Wing, 622 words, okay)

"No Juliet" by kel. (Queer as Folk, 500 words, guilty)

"No Leaning" by Anna-Maria Jennings (ER, 500 words, morose)

"No Silverstein" by Jae Gecko (West Wing, 500 words, impressed)

"Office Space" by Luna (Sports Night, 500 words, pissed off)

"Oval Variations, No. 1" by Dafna G. (West Wing, 500 words, bored)

"Oval Variations, No. 2" by Dafna G. (West Wing, 500 words, horny)

"Paper" by Noelle Leithe (West Wing, 500 words, angry)

"Phonecalls" by Teanna (West Wing, 501 words, apathetic)

"Pinned" by Sarah (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 548 words, predatory)

"The Pittsburgh Zoo" by Sandy Keene (N Sync, 589 words, quixotic)

"Pleasures and Palaces" by Jae Gecko (L.A. Law, 500 words, confused)

"Podos" by Minna Leigh (West Wing, 500 words, geeky)

"The Rattler" by Jae Gecko (West Wing, 500 words, infuriated)

"Ready" by Dafna G. (West Wing, 500 words, scared)

"Reincarnation" by Sophia Jirafe (X-Files, 500 words, awake)

"Secrets" by Priya Deonarain (West Wing, 500 words, enthralled)

"Secret Song" by Cori Lannam (Moulin Rouge, 534 words, determined)

"Singularity" by Kacey (West Wing, 500 words, lonely)

"Such Are Promises" by valentine (West Wing, 734 words, discontent)

"Symphony in C Minor" by Another Juxtaposition (West Wing, 489 words, gloomy)

"That Thing She Does in the Car on Long Drives" by Lysandra (X-Files, 500 words, contemplative)

"Wearing the Pants" by Meg Fox (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 568 words, bouncy)

"Winter, and Its Effects on Girls" by mcee (West Wing, 497 words, cold)

"With Their Guns" by Ellen Milholland (The Pretender, 500 words, shocked)