A Post-"100,000 Airplanes" Parable, by Jae Gecko

In the beginning, at the close of the first millennium with picture-in-picture, the Great God of Television stretched out an arm and said: Behold my finest creation! And His mighty castle brought forth the walls of snappy dialogue, and the walls yielded the towers of many Emmys, and God's people saw that it was good, at least most of the time.

Now following the initial epoch a tiny lizard came forth from the northlands, saying: I shall build additions onto this mighty castle. And with a hammer she commenced her toil, erecting three seamless windows and a turret. And God in His preoccupation failed to notice, and the tiny lizard smiled.

But after many moons had risen and fallen in the night sky, God resolved to build a turret of His own. And being a God under great pressure from powerful network executives, He swept aside the tiny lizard and her creation with His majestic hand and quickly nailed the turret to the side of the castle. And it wobbled and it creaked, but it was God's, and the tiny lizard watched her own turret crumple to the ground in a ravaged heap.

And when she arose from the wreckage, the lizard stepped back and surveyed the remains of her toil. She dusted herself off and drew back a curtain, and behold, it revealed an exact replica of the original castle. And she turned her head upward to the sky, saying:

"You may be God and all, but man, even a tiny lizard can build a better turret than you."

But God in His preoccupation failed to notice. And the tiny lizard smiled. And it was all good.

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