"Dirty Girls" by Jae Gecko

"I was giving her a graduation present."

Scott leaned across the table. "Yeah? And what exactly was she giving you?" Jagged veins cut across the whites of his eyes. "I can't believe I'm running a Bartlet-era liberal who sleeps with hookers."

My brows flattened into a line. "I don't--"

"Don't even tell me you didn't, Sam. Because if I don't believe you, then neither will the Orange County Register." He snorted. "At least this one might shut up the guys who think you're gay."

A comeback burned into my tongue. I met Scott's eyes, glaring, and swallowed it down.

"Fear, Itself" by Jae Gecko

Ron Butterfield's face was grim. "He was shot through the window. He died instantly."

Shot. Died. "Is C.J.--"

"She's fine. She was right here when it happened."

My eyes flicked over to the corridor. C.J. leaned against the wall, shock still masking her grief. She wasn't fine. "Thank you," I murmured.

I closed my eyes. The marble theater arches were replaced by the sterile white of hospital walls, then by Josh trembling in a sweat-soaked bed. Nausea gripped my stomach.

Beside me, Leo reached for his cell phone. "Wait," I said, a hand on his arm. "I'll do that."

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