It started with this:

Pick a fandom. Pick a character. Describe a moment where that character discovers a secret. Any fandom, any character, any secret. 500 words exactly (and yes, you *can* do it!).

Short pieces often get short shrift when it comes to feedback, so if you really like something, don't forget to let the author know!

"All the Sounds of Fear" by Priya Deonarain (CSI, Catherine, 500 words)

"Always Korea" by Tobias Charity (M*A*S*H, BJ, 500 words)

"Amal" by Jae Gecko and Minna Leigh (West Wing, Josh, 500 words)

"Another Season, Another Reason" by Ryo Sen (West Wing, Toby, 500 words)

"Back for Evil" by whitestar2 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike, 500 words)

"Beyond the Veil of Ignorance" by Ryo Sen (West Wing, Will, 500 words)

"The Book" by Fearthainn (Harry Potter, Ginny, 500 words)

"Brotherly Love" by Daegaer (The Bible, Jonadab, 500 words)

"Burial" by QueenAl (Farscape, Moya, 326 words)

"Burn" by Priya Deonarain (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles, 500 words)

"Cloudy" by Luna (West Wing, Sam, 500 words)

"The Conspiracy of Women" by Luna (West Wing, Abbey, 500 words)

"Conspirator" by Julian Lee (Sports Night, Isaac, 500 words)

"Coda" by Kyllikki (Crossing Jordan, Woody, 500 words)

"Contingency Plans" by Another Juxtaposition (West Wing, Nancy McNally, 500 words)

"Cooling" by Luna (West Wing, Toby, 500 words)

"Education" by soupytwist (Harry Potter, Remus, 500 words)

"Everything You Know About Danny is a Lie" by Julian Lee (Without a Trace, Danny, 500 words)

"Exchange" by Andraste (Farscape, Aeryn, 500 words)

"Finally" by Tara LJC O'Shea (Smallville, Chloe, 500 words)

"Flowers of Earth" by Louise Lux (Good Omens, Aziraphale, 500 words)

"For Shame" by Devon (Firefly, Inara, 500 words)

"French Kiss" by Lydia (West Wing, Will, 500 words)

"History" by Taylor (West Wing, Donna, 500 words)

"Holiday in Spain" by Cimorene (Good Omens, War, 500 words)

"In a Nanosecond" by Oro (CSI, Gil, 500 words)

"In the Silent Forest Listening" by Cathain (Lord of the Rings, Arwen, 500 words)

"It Could Have Happened to Anyone" by Another Juxtaposition (Sex and the City, Miranda, 500 words)

"Keeping Up Appearances" by soupytwist (Queer as Folk UK, Vince, 500 words)

"Librarian Scorned" by unkle garfunkle (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles, 500 words)

"Like Calls to Like" by girl friday (X-Men Movieverse, Wolverine, 500 words)

"Like Father" by Adina (Lord of the Rings, Gloin, 500 words)

"Like Son" by Adina (Lord of the Rings, Thranduil, 500 words)

"The Man Who Knew Too Much" by Cori Lannam (Everwood, Bright, 500 words)

"Maternity Leave" by Marguerite (Farscape, Aeryn, 500 words)

"Mutual Misunderstanding" by soupytwist (Gundam Wing, Duo, 500 words)

"Never One for Secrets" by Another Juxtaposition (Gilmore Girls, Emily, 500 words)

"New York City, In August, In the Rain" by Tahlia (Law and Order, Lennie, 500 words)

"No Admittance" by Tobias Charity (CSI, Nick, 501 words)

"One Drink Too Many, and a Joke Gone Too Far" by International Princess (West Wing, Toby, 480 words)

"One of Those Days" by Jae Gecko (West Wing, Donna, 500 words)

"One Room's the Same as Another" by International Princess (West Wing, C.J., 500 words)

"Out of Fashion" by Ryo Sen (West Wing, John Hoynes, 500 words)

"Over That (Never Ever)" by Nope (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Riley, 500 words)

"Painting By Numbers" by soupytwist (Gundam Wing, Heero, 500 words)

"Pass in the Night" by Sarah (Dawson's Creek, Pacey, 500 words)

"Paterfamilias" by Marguerite (West Wing, Toby, 500 words)

"Plain Sight Exception" by Cirocco (Law and Order, Lennie, 500 words)

"Plain Sight Exception, 2" by Cassatt (Law and Order, Ed Green, 500 words)

"Polyester Bride" by Ryo Sen (West Wing, Donna, 500 words)

"The Power of Ideas" by Ryo Sen (West Wing, Will, 500 words)

"Pseudonym" by Priya Deonarain (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn, 500 words)

"Puberty" by Sabine (Jeremiah, Erin, 500 words)

"Roundabout" by Kathryne (Thelma and Louise, Thelma, 500 words)

"Satan is No Gentleman" by afrai (Good Omens/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover, Adam, 500 words)

"Secret Tremors" by Lainie (Angel, Fred, 500 words)

"Seven Ways to Kill a Wizard" by Anna-Maria Jennings (Harry Potter, Hermione, 500 words)

"Sins of Omission" by handslive (Miles Vorkosigan, Simon, 500 words)

"Stranger Things" by Beth/CobraGirl (Good Omens, Aziraphale, 500 words)

"Those Heady Days" by Darwin's Ape (Drop the Dead Donkey, Damien, 500 words)

"Three Hours" by M. Scott Eiland (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith, 500 words)

"Too Cold, Too Late, Too Far" by Tobias Charity (Dragnet, Frank, 500 words)

"Unwritten Rules" by Rivka W. (West Wing, Charlie, 500 words)

"Visual Acuity" by Leyenn (Star Trek:TNG, Worf, 500 words)

"Vous Rappelez-Vous Notre Douce Vie?" by Penelopody (Les Miserables, Grantaire, 500 words)