"One of Those Days" by Jae Gecko (West Wing, Donna, 500 words)

You lean into the bathroom door, the Dixie cup pressed between your thumb and forefinger. Lines of stress stretch from your skull to your shoulder blades. What you really need isn't aspirin, it's a day off.

"What I don't get is how they kept it a secret so long." Ginger's back is turned. Bonnie's eyes brush yours, and she tilts her head toward you. Ginger spins around and falls silent.

You try a smile as you head toward the sink. "Hi, guys."

"Hi," Ginger mumbles. Her eyes drop to the white pellets in your hand.

"Aspirin," you assure them, filling the cup. The last thing you need is for the gossip mill to label you a drug addict. "It's been one of those days." They look straight through you, like you're dust, and you swallow the pills with a gulp of water. "There was a thing, yesterday. It's kind of funny, actually. I called the Park Police on a bunch of senior citizens." Your smile is plastic. You don't know why you're telling them this. You don't know why you're still talking. "And it doesn't help that Josh is in a mood."

Ginger lets out a hysterical giggle. Bonnie's face is tight.

You hook a nail under the edge of the cup. "Is something ... going on?"

They're quiet so long that you don't think they're going to respond. "Josh and Sam had a fight this morning," Ginger finally offers.

"A fight?"

Her eyes flick over to Bonnie. "Like, a 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' fight."

"Josh and Sam had a fight about Virginia Woolf?"

"No, they..." Ginger's forehead creases. "You've never seen the movie, have you?"

"Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, I've seen the movie."

"They were fighting like they were *in* the movie."

"If we're going to tell her, quit playing charades and tell her." Bonnie turns to face you. "It sounds like Josh and Sam have been involved. For a very long time."

The cup crumples between your fingers. "I don't-- I don't understand."

"They broke up this morning. But before that, they had a relationship. A sexual relationship."

Your stomach turns over. "You're making this up." The corners of Ginger's mouth are twitching. "Why would you make something like this up?"

"Calm down." Bonnie's hand is on your arm. You jerk away.

"You know, I've never been anything but nice to you guys." Tears prick at your eyes, and you back toward the door. "I just-- I don't understand why you hate me so much."

You step through the doorway, and when you turn around, Josh is there. The slump of his shoulders might read as exhaustion, but there's something in his eyes. The hundreds of times you should have known unfold like a movie in your mind.

"You sent that letter?" he says.

Your vocal cords won't budge. You nod.

"Good." He disappears into the men's room.

You glance down at the crumpled cup. Your headache's suddenly gone, but now you can't feel anything at all.